"This engine is a Metropolitan-Vickers, Diesel-electric, Type 2."
— Edward, Main Line Engines

  • Number: D5705
  • Class: BR Class 28
  • Designer: Metropolitan Vickers
  • Builder: Bowesfield Works
  • Configuration: Co-Bo

Vick is a Diesel who works on the Mainline

Bio in the Series

Vick was problematic and always broke down on the points. But with the help of the Reverand W. Awdry he became happy once again. He was soon repaired.

When he arrived at the sheds he was disliked by the engines beacuase of Den's lies. Soon Den got punished by the shedmaster Vick became the engine's friends.

Vick was very happy he was working on the mainline. He had been assisting Fred when the old engine was tiring out. But in one incedence he stopped John from getting away with the robbers while he was hauling a special train of money and mail to Scotland.


Vick is a happy Diesel engine, who is sensible, kind, and has a decent sense of humor. Upon his arrival, he was threatened to stay , then Den tried to have him away from the steam engines. Den pretended to have a friendship with him and nearly made he was upset. Vick is now capable to pull mainline goods and is also good friends with Jimmy and his friends . He is a true friend and is often willing to stick up for the underdog. Vick is firm, but fair and friendly in his nature, not being afraid to speak his mind. Even Fred had sicking times when he "saved" him from worrying about being f. BoCo upholds a more respectable, likable image for Diesel engines everywhere, being scrapped ,  Vick was happy to show the more ruder engines that Diesels have their uses. Vick helps bring good order across Fred's duties, even occasionally pulling main line trains, as the shed master recognises how versatile he is.


Vick is a BR Class 28 Co-Bo Diesel-electric engine. His name was unknown as for his wheel arrangement, though reversed as the Reverend W. Awdry thought "BoCo" sounded more affectionate.

Vick was not struck on his name BoCo and , according to the Awdrys, however, the gentleman eventually found a fix to prevent this malfunction.

In the annuals, Vick talks about his a real preserved locomotive. In another annual, Vick claimed to have a brother called "BoCo" to help him in euston , BoCo is also a member of this class.


Vick is painted in the green livery of British Railways with yellow warning panels.



  • Vick's name was originally derived from his Co-Bo wheel arrangement but soon named after his class a "Metropoliotan Vickers" or Metrovick classified by British Railways