The 5th Anniversary Special
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October 6th 2015

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The 5th Anniversary Special is the third short episode of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. This short episode is to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. 


William meets an engine after his own heart. But in the end, both of their egos would be shattered.


William arrives at the sheds and expects the cleaners to fuss around him. But surprisingly they ignore William which makes him upset. Then he notices a splendid red engine in the sheds with a pristine livery and a large number 5 on its tender. William then spoke to the engine in kind saying he must be a North Western Engine. The engine replied kindly and introduced himself as James.

The two share stories about the unreliability of diesels, the survival of steam, and their liveries. William explains he wanted to be painted maroon like the Duchesses but that British Railways refuses to grant his wish. James sympathizes with William and explains he came from Barrow to substitute for the diesel taking the train that had derailed on its way. So he took the train to London. By the end of his stay at Euston, James and William bid farewell and pompously puffed away.

But both of their egos were shattered sooner that later. James suffered from hot axle boxes and had to be towed home all the way by a diesel. As for William, he suffered from a failed injector right before he was to take his train. both quickly learned there are engines that are more equal than others, especially those who work compared to those that don't.



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