Roger's Curse
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February 6th 2012

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Roger's Curseif the twenty-second episode of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. 


This story highlights that the railways aren't always a happy enviroment. A part of Roger's past catches up to him and the crews soon give him the nickname the "death engine", because they think he is jinxed. The other engines are doubtful at first but sadly one thing happens after another. Poor Roger.



  • It is revealed that Roger had a curse when younger.
  • This is part one of the "Curse of the Jinxed Black 5" trilogy.


  • Richard and Roger were smiling when Roger returned to the sheds.
  • Jimmy turns towards Platform 1 from Platform 3 much too quickly for his class.
  • John appears but he is not introduced until John, Vick & the Great Train Robbery.