• Number: 46520
  • Class: LMS Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0
  • Designers: H. G. Ivatt
  • Builder: Swindon Works
  • Build date: 1946–1953
  • Configuration: 2-6-0

Robin is an Ivatt Class 2 Mogul who lives at Euston.


When Robin was first allocated to Euston, William was quick to criticize but was soon scolded by Terry. Robin and the other engines grumbled of Terry's favourite job: hauling football specials.

He and the other engines had trouble with Black 5 twins Richard and Roger as their classes had rivalries of whoever is better and ultimate. The other engines grumbled about this. After Richard had his accident, Terry helped him to the rescue. After being scolded by the shed master, the twins now became firm friends with Terry and the other engines. During Christmas, Robin and the other engines grumbled because William had his lack of Festive Spirit. Feels happy in the end. In New Years, he was hauling the first passenger train of the day and ran over a bomb! Rob escaped his near death thanks to Babs.

Robin felt sorry for Roger when he was thought to be a death engine. Robin was very the two get back together.

He felt sorry for Vick but soon raised from the situation. He despised John the 3F when he first arrived but soon raised from the situation when John got his comeuppance thanks to Den.

He was sad that Jimmy had to go to the works but welcomed Paddy when he arrived. When Jimmy returned, Robin and the other engines seem to have forgotten about Jimmy. But the was situation soon fixed.

After an elderly stationmaster is transferred from a branchline to a small station north of Northampton, Robin finds that Mr. Flood, being rather grumpy about the change of scenery, isn't fond of mainline engines whistling to lineside people. After Terry, Richard, and Roger all suffer from Mr. Flood's "no loud noise" rule when running through his station at speed, Robin and his friends get cheerful waves from Mr. Flood after he retired from BR, as the old stationmaster now does weekend shifts volunteering by tending to the vegitation, flowers, and small platform gardens.


Robin is based on the real No. 46520 Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 engine. The real engine was one of the last to be withdrawn in 1967 and sadly the engine was not preserved. Seven Ivatt Moguls live to this day, albeit with one being converted to the class' tank engine counterpart. 


Robin is painted in BR Brunswick Green with orange-and-black lining and the late BR crest.