Lost In Thought
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January 22nd 2014

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Lost In Thought is the thirty-third episode of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. 


The engines begin discussing about Fred and his long absence. But the topic soon changes and the realisation of steam being wiped out from the railways soon hits them hard. William begins blaming Vick and Babs who questions what have they done wrong. The engines all argued saying William had no heart and was a disgrace. William then later says about it being strange that neither the Shedmaster nor the crews have not mentioned of Fred's return to which the engines all agrees. William then proposes that Fred has been scrapped but the engines start arguing again. William then says beware of the diesels but Babs protests saying to beware of man for he is the real killer. This causes shock among all the steam engines to which Babs regrets what she had said. Arthur then says that he has seen all the engines being cut-up one by one in the scrapyard. After a small talk, nobody said no more. The end was coming.



  • Arthur's sad face is finally shown.
  • As a sign of sympathy, the end music was not played.


  • Coming soon