Jimmy and William
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September 14th 2010

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Jimmy and William is the second episode of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. 


William grumbles about Jimmy that he was the best. Ivatt just ignored him. Jimmy then arrived with a new coat of paint and a new BR Crest. A conversion then started but then William was halted by the Duchess of Gloucester. She then admired Jimmy's crest and said that the young boys at the end of the platform will take his number tomorrow.

The next day Jimmy was shunting coaches in the station. just as a signal halted him. William was trapped into Platform 3 due to failed points. Jimmy was then chosen to haul the commuter train. He did so. He worked hard all day he struggled a few times but he was able to manage. When William was finally free he had to do Jimmy's work as a shunter pushing and pulling coaches for trains.

Jimmy was the last to arrive at the sheds. The shed master congratulated Jimmy for his hard work. Soon cleaners came to attend to William they asked what was its name but then one of them said that it was not important as he is after all only a shunter. Everyone else laughed while William was left in silence thinking that the mainline engines were very silly indeed.



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