Horwich's Search For Work
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August 9th 2014

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Horwich's Search For Work is the thirty-fourth episode of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. It is the fourth episode of Series Two.


In a desperate bid to search for work an old Lancashire & Yorkshire engine travels down to Euston, hoping for a second chance. Will his venture pay off?

Extended Plot

Seam is slowly being aboloshed. And William, upsets the diesels. Jimmy and the other engines spend time healing ruffled feelings. Until all the engines returned to the sheds, to find a Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway tank Engine, waiting for them. They start to talk. The steam engine senses he is the center of attention. Later he is kept in the shed until B fins him work, as he ran away down south from being scrapped. The engines befriend Horwich, and are impressed at his lack of anger of being replaced and his calm attitude. finally the Shed Master get's fed up, and he sends Horwich to collect brake vans from sidings. meanwhile John had just shunted a train of trucks, and was waiting for an express to come in. He was getting inpatient, and aggravated. His driver went to the restrooms then suddenly the signal cleared for him. This repaed but int he opposite way only for him to loose his path. So mad, he whistles, then bumps the trucks. The trucks become a runaway only to high tail after Horwich who gets caught on, and stops the train, with his crew and the guard.



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