SAM 7242
  • Number:
  • Class: LMS Fowler 4F
  • Designer: Henry Fowler
  • Builder: Derby, Crewe, St Rollox or Horwich Works
  • Built: Between 1924 and 1941
  • Configuration: 0-6-0

Fred is a old and wise LMS Fowler 4F.


Fred is the only proper freight engine that has lived at the sheds for the time being. He is a kind hearted, forgiving and very thoughtful locomotive. Fred is also the oldest and wisest engine, others always seek advice and guidance from him. He is always happy to help and his wise words have often lead the other engines down the right path. Being the only freight engine at the sheds he takes his work very seriously. He is a professional in his line of work and Robin found out how difficult it is to control wagon's if you have no idea how to handle freight trains.


  • His face is based off that of Neville, an SR Q1 featured in the Thomas and Friends series.
  • The engine carrying his number, 43924, is currently preserved at Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.


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