This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the engine.
Engine 17
Air date

October 31st 2015

Previous episode

The 5th Anniversary Special

Next episode

Seen and Not Heard

Engine 17 is the fortieth episode of the Jimmy the Jinty Series.


When Jimmy speaks to a young Trainspotter, he reveals a mysterious engine that is numbered 17 has been seen lurking around the station. Only when Fred explains who Engine 17 is, when spooky occurrences begin to happen to the engines.



  • Engine 17's model is of a Bachmann Thomas repainted in Black.


  • A beep from the camera could be heard several times throughout the episode. Examples are before the cutscene where the boy asked Jimmy if there were any new engines coming, when Terry said "I suppose so" and when Ivatt was shown by the signal.
  • Engine 17 was not moving when Fred was explaining the accident.


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